Dubai Diaries 6 – Mall of the Emirates


As we were roaming in the city for the whole afternoon, I started feeling hungry! Arvind took us to Mall of the Emirates to eat something. When entered in Mall of the Emirates, the first thing I noticed is a big car in parking. It was a really nice car and Arvind told us that cars are cheap in Dubai. I was astonished by this fact, it’s not like I love cars but the price gap made huge dollar signs in my eyes and I started thinking of exporting these beautiful cars to India. Anyway, Arvind burst my little bubble of the business venture as he told that in India import duty is too much which will make price huge in India.


I liked how clean Mall of the Emirates was! They have many high-end stores and lots of people were doing shopping. Amit was taking pictures of the mall when suddenly a security person came and told Amit to not click photos of persons, Amit was taking a fuse and we were not aware that taking pictures of people is not legal here. I liked the security of Mall of the Emirates.

Then I was feeling like peeing so we started searching for a washroom. I noticed lots of prayer rooms there and washroom was really clean. In ladies washroom they have a separate dustbin for menstrual products, they somehow try to dispose of them in the environment-friendly way which is a very good initiative.

After taking the tour of the mall we started searching for places to eat. There are lots of restaurants present in Mall of the Emirates but I was hesitant to go because in Dubai it is not easy to find vegetarian food.

restaurants of mall of the emirates

So, we decided to go to the food court of the mall. I ordered twin veg. burger. Normally there is an egg present in the mayonnaise( you can get eggless in India) so I ordered without mayonnaise. The burger was a disaster for me, it tasted too bland for my taste and the kidney beans used in it gave disgusting taste. Since the burger cost 34 Dhr (around 600inr), I decided to finish it as there are not many options for me to eat.

Amit decided to roam and see all the choices he has for the food.

He got fascinated with the display of one shop above so he decided to order chicken and rice kind of thing from there.

chicken and rice
Chicken and rice in Thai style.

Arvind went to some other shop and he ordered some bread, hummus, and chicken. To me, hummus looked like something in which egg could be used but Arvind told me that hummus is just peanut paste with some other veg. things and it tastes good. Since the hummus and chicken were on the same plate I didn’t taste it but Arvind loves it a lot. He told us that hummus makes him relaxed and sleepy.

hummus and bread
Hummus, bread and chicken

As we had lots of time and we were feeling tired so we decided to watch some movie. Mall of Emirates have inox kind of cinema there named vox cinema, In this cinema, they have an option of the 4D movie. Amit and I never watched a 4D movie so we decided to go for it. As Jumanji movie was available at that time we decided to watch it. We booked the ticket online and collected from the counter, near counter one lady was giving samples of some smoothies and I tried Avocado smoothie. I liked the smoothe so we decided to order it. Avocado is very good for health and it is not easily available in India. Smoothie was perfect, it was not too sweet and tasted amazing.

Jumanji movie is not very good, out of 10 I will give only 6 points to it and the 4D experience is not something to brag about. The ticket cost 418.5 AED (approx. 7533 INR) and experience was not worth it. We were sitting in chairs and time to time the chair move a little bit or some air/water comes out from under it according to the scene. We felt cheated with this movie experience the ticket charge is around 3 times of the normal one. We decided not to go for 4D movie next time. As it was late we decided to call the night and sleep.

fountain in Mall of the Emirates
Fountain in Mall of the Emirates

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