Water sports activities in Anjuna Beach, Goa


Due to a little bit hot temperature as compared to the December, we saw more Indian people on the Anjuna beach than the foreigners. Also at that Holi celebration were there. Holi is very different in Goa than at the Home. Some shopkeepers stop the travelers and apply colors on them in return they expect some money.

Holi in Anjuna beach

As we already enquired about the activities and prices offered on the Anjuna beach, we knew from where to start.

We did lots of sea water sports activities at Anjuna beach that day and as we stayed in the sea whole day Amit was not able to take lots of pictures. The price for our package was very reasonable as compared to the wonderful experience we had. The package included five water activities included boat riding, Banana riding, jet ski riding, parasailing, and bumper ride. Other activities like sea water diving were also there but they require swimming as a prerequisite.

Anyway, safety always comes first, the water sports guy gave us life jackets which we have to wear all the time till all our rides finish to save us from drowning. All these rides are very safe whether you know swimming or not and they always send 1-3 lifeguard with you on every ride.

life jacktes at Anjuna beach goa

Jet Ski: Only one person is allowed on this bike kind of thing apart from one instructor/lifeguard. Driving Jet ski is similar to driving the bike and you have the option of driving it yourself with the instructor in the back or the instructor drives it and you just enjoys the ride. As I have too much fear of sea I opted for the second option. The instructor was very helpful and friendly person. I loved it! This experience was full of thrills and I would love to do it again. You can see the Jet Ski in the background in the below picture.

jet ski in Anjuna beach

Banana Boat Ride: For the Banana boat ride, they use Banana shaped boat on which total 6-10 people ride together including two lifeguards one stay in back and one the front. For an observer, this ride is simplest of them all but for the person sitting on the banana boat, it is a whole different matter.

Banana Boat ride Anjuna

They first tied the Banana boat to a normal boat and drags it in the sea, after going around 2-3kms in the sea the lifeguard asked us whether we wanted to be thrown in the sea as it is the part of the experience as I have seen lots of people before me get thrown in the sea, me along with other people on the boat said yes. The lifeguard told us to remove our hand from the boat as the impact can be dangerous for our shoulders if we remain attached to the boat. Then suddenly the boat made a sharp turn and all of us were thrown in the sea. Everyone was safe due to our life jackets but I was not able to see Amit anywhere and this made me panic. I was shouting like a madwoman and the lifeguard was trying to calm me as well as trying to find Amit. After some time I was able to see Amit, he was under the banana boat and the situation was not life threating but panicking me made the situation very bad. The whole losing Amit experience made me very scared and I was just waiting for the banana ride to end. As luck would have it after we were thrown out of the banana boat, now we have to climb on it to return back and as much as I wanted I was not able to climb back on it (I think I was and still am very out of shape). After lots of struggle from my side as well from the lifeguard I was able to climb and we returned safe and sound to the shore. The lifeguard was very helpful in calming me and I think due to my fear of sea I took things overboard. I would love to do the banana boat ride again in life with less fear.

Parasailing plus boat ride: They did the third and fourth rides together. They took us to the bigger boat which is used for parasailing via a normal boat. So, our boat ride was done there. The bigger boat for parasailing was looking like a yacht. The whole parasailing experience was great and I would recommend it to everyone.

parasailing in goa

Bumper ride: The last ride was the bumper rider. One small boat is attached to the jet ski and it was a great experience.

All the activities at Anjuna beach were safe and wonderful and all of it took our whole day. Try to take some sunscreen lotion with you as the sun hurts the skin too much and it burns. I was naive and both of us returned to our hotel room with sunburned red faces.

Anjuna beach

Anjuna beach flea market is also very famous but it only opens on Wednesdays so we missed it as we had already decided to spend the next 2-3 days in Vagator, Goa. Maybe we will go there on our next trip. To have look at awesome food places in Goa Click here.


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