Stan Lee- The superhero of hollywood

Stan Lee makes another cameo appearance as a hot dog vendor in Disney XD’s Phineas and Ferb in 2011 Photograph: Disney XD/Getty Images

Stan Lee was an American comic book writer, editor, and publisher. He gave the Marvel superheroes to the world with amazing stories.

Recently I have watched “Avengers: Infinity War” again and to be true I loved that movie a lot. Whenever I have watched Marvel movies I have always seen an old guy doing cameo role of maybe 10-20sec. in every movie. At first, I didn’t notice it but as Amit is a comic fan he told me that the old guy is Stan Lee -the creator of comics in Marvel and my favorite heroes are his creation. I was astonished about this fact. Then slowly I started to looking forward to his cameos in the movies. These cameos were kind of giving a real feel to the movie.

I don’t have inspiration. I only have ideas. Ideas and deadlines.

stan lee and spiderman
Stan Lee in his office in Santa Monica, California, in 2002
Photograph: Reed Saxon/AP

I loved his quotes. In my childhood, I used to read lots of Indian comics book and due to unavailability of cable connection, I had zero exposure to the American comics book. On the other Amit have all the comics collection plus he watched all the cartoons. He is a real fan and after watching Iron Man-1 I have also converted to a die-hard fan of Marvel.

Due to Amit I was able to read lots of comics about the characters I liked from the movie and I love the imagination of the writer.

stan lee
Stan Lee took a cameo role as Willie Lumpkin in the 2005 film Fantastic Four, directed by Tim Story
Photograph: Constantin Film/Allstar

I used to be embarrassed because I was just a comic book writer while other people were building bridges or going on to medical careers. And then I began to realize: entertainment is one of the most important things in people’s lives. Without it, they might go off the deep end. I feel that if you’re able to entertain, you’re doing a good thing.

After reading the life of Stan Lee my mind filled with the respect for this legend and his word truly gave me the courage to choose the less traveled road in my life.

Today after learning that he is no longer present among us I am a feeling of emptiness in my heart.


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