Pregnancy and infertility


Pregnancy is an amazing thing to happen in anyone’s life but struggle to become pregnant is real. There are many reasons for infertility and we can overcome lots of them with simple medicines. In this post, I am going to discuss my struggles with pregnancy and miscarriage.

From mid-Sept 2016, I was feeling a little bit off, from some days I was not feeling like eating, pooping or anything. I thought that I was suffering from constipation so I ate around 1-1.5 kg papaya one day, Also from somedays, I was eating boiled porridge with raw papaya and carrot in it to help me with digestion But Alas! nothing was working. I was feeling very tired, not able to climb stairs and feeling too much moody! I know these are the classical signs of pregnancy but we always timed our sex days to avoid pregnancy!

I was almost 25 years old at that time, my birthday was around the corner and I was not ready for pregnancy but on 5th Oct 2016, 3 days before my periods I gave my urine sample to the lab and it came out positive!

As opposed to my expectation I was happy with this news, it was feeling like a miracle that there was a little life inside me who have 50% of my DNA. I went to a gynecologist as soon as I can, He confirmed my pregnancy via ultrasonography but he was not able to see the baby and told me to visit again after 2 weeks. On the night of 18 oct, 2016 I started having the sharp pain in my lower abdomen and I was passing blood cloths. So on 19, I lost my baby at 5 weeks 4 days pregnant.

Before this pregnancy, I never thought about being a mother. This miscarriage kind of changed my life. For the next 6 months and so I become depressed then I become desperate to become pregnant again!

I started trying for pregnancy from nov 2016 but my cycles started to become irregular and I started to feel nausea kind of feeling before my periods. After trying for 7-8 month, I decided maybe I should check whether everything is ok with me or not.


In may 2017, one lady who works for Amit’s father decided to go for IVF. She had a cyst in ovary for which surgery was done and her husband’s sperm count was not good. They went to Dr. Abhishek Daga from GynaeCare, Kolkata and they have a healthy baby girl from the first try. I also decided to go to Dr. Abhishek Daga, I explained all my symptoms and he did transvaginal ultrasonography to check whether everything is ok with my ovaries after asking about my last period date. After looking at USG, the doctor told me that I have a problem with my ovaries and my egg are not maturing properly. At first, I refused to believe that there is something wrong with me and told him to do some tests to back up his diagnosis.

The doctor prescribed a blood test for checking my Anti-Mullerian Hormone and HSG test.

Anti Anti-Mullerian Hormone(AMH) is a hormone marker for quantitative prediction of ovarian fertility potential, ovarian aging, the onset of menopause and polycystic ovarian disease. The level of AMH decrease in pre-menopausal women as the quality and number of ovarian follicles decline with age. My AMH value came at 2.45 ng/ml which are in the lower range of satisfactory fertility(2.19-4.0 ng/ml).

Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) Test was very painful for me. This test is done to check whether there is any blockage in fallopian tubes hindering the path of eggs after ovulation. In this test, a dye is injected into the uterus via a thin needle and they take an X-RAY of it. My X-RAY came normal.

In the end, the doctor prescribed letrozole (2.5mg from 2 to 7 day of my period) and metformin. This combination helped me a lot, Although they have some side effects. These medicines are used for polycystic ovary syndrome, to know more about PCOS click here.


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