Kolkata to Dubai


Dubai is a great destination for shopping and Amit decided to gift me a trip to Dubai for our anniversary. This is our first trip to any international destination and I am very excited about this! Amit’s friend from Unofficed helped us with the visa process. We first boarded in our flight from Kolkata to Hyderabad in morning. Our flight to Dubai is from Hyderabad in afternoon at 3:15. Because of lack of sleep I and Amit slept like a baby in the airport after some time we ate some fruit salad and coffee from CCD.

hyderabad airport
Eating and thinking

Hyderabad airport is very nice. We where roaming airport and I was checking my visa giddily then it hit me, something about OTB is written there. We have to do some OTB with flight at least 48 hours from the journey. I thought What is this? and googles the term, It said something about informing the Airline about our journey. I got panicked and messaged Arvind and luckily he did it sometime after our visa approval.

Hyderabad Flight
Very excited for the first international trip!

Our airline was Indigo. After doing the immigration check and stuff we were happily waiting for our flight. I and Amit were checking out prices of stuff in this international section and believe me everything is too pricey with the lowest quality possible. But we were feeling very hungry so after a lot of roaming, we found a nice South Indian food shop with a decent price and nice menu. We ordered some Dosa from there and I was just awe stuck with the whole situation “I am going to Dubai, yay!”.

Waiting for the flight

After all this excitement it was time for our boarding but when I searched nobody from the airline was there I got panicked “Did we somehow came to the wrong gate?” I checked my boarding pass again, no everything is right, then I checked the screen and our flight is late by 1:20 hr after that it got delayed more.

But after lots of waits, we finally boarded our flight. Due to bad weather, our flight got more delayed and it is really difficult to spend time in flight. I tried to sleep but my neck was hurting so I used my neck pillow which I recently bought, it is really good and helps you sleep better!

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