Dubai Diaries 9 – Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle garden

Today is valentines day! but alas we were busy from morning to evening with share market. I ordered food from a place Juice Paradise, I ordered Vegetable Wrap, Vegetable Sandwich Combo, Avocado Juice and Chicken Charcoal. Food was ok but Avocado Juice was bad.

Aftermarket I decided to relax a bit and go swimming. Arvind’s apartment building has the swimming and sauna facilities. The swimming pool is situated on the terrace as that sun was blazing hot, I decided to check the temperature of the pool by dipping my leg. Oh God! the water was freezing cold. But as I am eating too much here without any exercise I decided to swim anyway.

swimming pool

Water was too cold but somehow I survived, after that, I spent nearly 15 mins in the sauna to soo away the cold and felt really relaxed. We were planning to go to Burj Khalifa today but we didn’t sunset slot so we decided to go there on some other day. In evening Arvind came early from office and as I am a lover of walking, we decided to go Miracle garden.

I was not impressed with the name and I was slightly angry with Amit. Today is very special day and he didn’t give me roses and all the stuff I read online.

It didn’t take as much time to reach miracle garden, in Dubai, they have lots of parking near the tourists’ area which is very good. From outside I was seeing a normal wall with some flowers and trees. Although I was astonished at the way the whole flower is hanging from the hoop I didn’t mind it that much and thought maybe that is made of plastic. Then we join the ticket line. After going inside I came to know what had hit me! God so many flowers and Arvind told me that all of them real!!!

inside the miracle garden
Yes, all of them are real!

Normally, I love roses but after seeing these beautiful flowers here I become a fan of them. In Miracle garden, everything is designed in very high and sophisticated way. In my mind, I was giving lots of praises to the person who designed this whole thing.

Dubai Miracle garden

I am a very shy person and I feel very insecure when someone captures my picture. I was feeling angry with Amit for capturing my photos, that time I just wanted to silently enjoy the whole scenery in front of me. But now whenever I see all these pictures, I  again relive the whole experience. So, my advice takes lots of pictures!

Dubai miracle garden

The whole Miracle garden covers 7 hectares in area. But the twist and turns in the garden make it a nice and long path to cover by walking.

Dubai Miracle Garden

The whole area gives you ample opportunity to set your photographic buds! Check out the next part of my journey in miracle garden here.



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