Dubai Diaries 8 – Dubai Creek

dubai creek

Today, share market was behaving very wildly. I don’t why Indian market going so much down, Does the scam with Nirav Modi matters this much? Anyway, I again used Zomato to order food. Today I ordered breakfast from an Indian restaurant called Roti Vegetarian Restaurant. I ordered veg thali and aloo paratha, food is ok. In evening I was craving to eat chat so I ordered from the restaurant Mumbaikar’s. My view never orders food from Mumbaikar’s restaurant, they were 1 hour late and there food is bad. For here I ordered Mumbaikar’s Special Chicken, Bhel Puri, Veg Hakka Noodles, and Chapati. Except for Bhelpuri, everything tasted bad and the quality was not good, Amit vomited after eating their chicken.

Since Amit was not having pain in stomach after eating at this restaurant we were not able to go anywhere in evening. In the night I was not feeling ok, so I thought maybe some walking will help. Hence Arvind took us to a place near his home Dubai Creek.

Dubai is within walking distance from Arvind’s home and it is a very nice place to take an evening or night stroll. As today is Maha Shivratri I am wearing Indian attire.

When we were crossing the road for going to the creek I noticed a very different thing. In Dubai there is board near every zebra crossing in the traffic area, you have to press the button on the board then wait after some time walking for pedestrian sign turns green and traffic light turns to red. When sign turns green we crossed the road, In Dubai they fine for jaywalking which is very good it decrease number of accidents significantly.

Dubai creek
Walking at Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is a path near an artificial lake, the scene is very beautiful. You can find lots of restaurants to eat, this area is decorated in such a way that it feels like that we are strolling in an Arabian village.

Shops in Dubai creek
Shops in Dubai Creek

At the end of the creek, there is beautiful fountain kind of thing and you have a nice sitting place beside it. We were sitting there and talking about lots of deep stuff about future, the whole setting was giving a calm ambiance. it’s like we were sitting near river doing meditation, very peaceful.

fountain near Dubai creek

The finally I was feeling hungry, Due to bad food for lunch, I was not feeling good about eating anything but after walking my appetite has made its presence known!

London dairy, Dubai

We ordered this and that from London dairy, this is my first time drinking coffee from here. London dairy is similar to CCD in India.

London dairy, Dubai
London dairy, Dubai

Everything was great but I was feeling sleepy so we decided to head home.

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