Dubai Diaries 7 – Eating and Roaming

dubai mall

As today is Monday we got busy with Indian share Market, Arvind also left for his office early in morning. I was feeling hungry, so we ordered from paratha king. Yes, I know we are eating from the same restaurant but what can I say it is not easy to find vegetarian food which satisfies my Rajasthani taste buds. This time I ordered two parathas first one is normal Aloo paratha and the second one is Aloo paratha with onion and tomato. Both tasted great!

Aftermarket around 4 p.m (Dubai time), Arvind came home. We decided to eat lunch then head to some place for roaming purpose. Again we went to Aloo paratha restaurant in Al Khaleej center for lunch.

Dubai mall

After eating we decided to go to Dubai mall as we had no earlier plans. Dubai Mall is by far most beautiful and luxuries mall I have ever seen. It’s simply amazing.

Dubai mall

There are too many attractions to see in Dubai mall, they have a giant three-story aquarium, shops with walls filled with water and fish, they have huge Candyland and on top of that, they have huge ice skating arena!

aquarium in dubai mall
Aquarium in Dubai Mall

First, we decided to start from the aquarium, it is amazing! There were so many fishes! I was able to see sharks from outside and they were looking scary with there pointed teeth. Water was looking blue and I was stunned for some time seeing such a big aquarium in my life.

Aquarium in Dubai Mall

I wanted to go in but a huge line was there in front of the ticket counter. Arvind told that we should book the ticket online as it is more convenient. But we were looking for some combo so that we can see Burj Khalifa also and get some discount. Due to some technical difficulties, we were not able to book for today so I decided to check out the whole mall area.

Suddenly I noticed that a group of people was dancing in front of a shop and after looking closely we noticed that it is a huge candy store named Candylicious. To watch the dance more properly as I am shorter in height than most of the people there I went inside the store.

Candy store in Dubai mall
Candy store in Dubai Mall

And the store is like dream come true for me! there are so many beautiful candies with most vibrant color, size, and shape I have ever seen. I started feeling like a small child I wanted everything!

In shop sales people were giving free samples of the candies I decided to taste one but after enquiring them about the integrates I came to know that most of the candies contain egg. So, I asked them about something without egg, they suggested cotton candy to me. Amit tried lots of sample candies and he decided to purchase one.

making cotton candy

They made fresh cotton candy in fronts of us with lots of colors, I loved it. In this store, they also have small cute games for children like they put a girl/boy in a glass box which is safe and then some candy will come flying from under the box which the child has to catch.

cotton candy in Dubai mall
Cotton candy in Dubai Mall

It was fun and children were feeling very excited and happy for this. I liked the different marketing ways this store has used to grab the attention of the children.

As it was near 7 a.m Arvind took us towards the fountain of the mall. there was too much crowd in that area when I asked Arvind, he told me that fountain show will start in some time and it is very good.

burj khalifa fron dubai mall

The fountain is in a lake kind of this which is at the base of Burj Khalifa. Initially, we saw nothing in water but when the clock struck 7 we saw an iron frame of the fountain comes out of the lake and some Arabic song started to play. Then water from fountain started dancing in tune with the song, this moment was very awe aspiring. It feels like that people were dancing there not some water rays. It was really good. The song played for 10-15 mins. then everything went as it was before.

fountain in dubai mall

Then we decided to roam here and then we the discover ice skating rink in Dubai mall. I have always seen people in movies doing ice skating and I was very excited to try. I was amazed seeing such a thick area of ice in this desert area. Seriously, sometimes I forget that Dubai is in a dessert! We paid for 1 hour and we enjoyed it a lot. Then we ate at the food court of Dubai and headed for home.

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