Dubai Diaries 5 – Atlantis


In Dubai petrol is very cheap, it is cheaper than the mineral water bottle. Anyway, Dubai is a very beautiful place. Roads are very clean and the scenery is really beautiful but still, we decided to sit in the car and watch everything because we were feeling jetlagged.

the palm jumeirah road
The Palm Jumeirah Road, Dubai

So, from our car first, we saw The Palm Jumeirah Road.

We saw Atlantis – The Palm, from outside and it was looking very beautiful. Atlantis is very beautiful 5 Star Hotel in Dubai. As Dubai is known for luxuries lifestyle and Atlantis is part of it.

Atlantis, The Palm
Atlantis, The Palm

This hotel is very much famous due to their great room, they also have a nice wall-size aquarium in rooms. This looks worth trying but due to our laziness and tiredness if skipped going inside. If you have lots of money and taste for fine things in life, this place is worth trying.

Crescent Road, Dubai
Crescent Road, Dubai
Crescent road near Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort
Crescent road near Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort

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