Dubai Diaries 4 – Jumeirah Beach

Dubai beaches

After filling our bellies to the brim we have decided to do some see sighting in Dubai. As we like beaches a lot so we decided to start from there.

First, we went to Jumeirah Beach Park. The first thing I noticed about this beach is the vibrant blue and green color of the gulf sea, and calm water, unlike the other beaches I have seen in India. No crowd was there as it was a private beach. As always I decided to put my feet in the water and god! the water was too cold. We were able to see some building with great structure from here and everything was awe aspiring.

Jumeirah Beach Park

Then we moved to Jumeirah Public Beach, lots of people were there from the different nationalities. Before coming to Dubai I used to think that wearing a bikini is a crime kind of thing in Arab Countries but seeing women wearing bikinis here silenced all those thoughts in my mind.  Dubai is very different and modern than other Middle eastern parts of the globe.

Jumeirah Public Beach

The sand on the beach is very different from the Indian one. Here sand is whitish in color and the great things this sand doesn’t stick to feet. I also noticed lots of seashell on these beaches and it made me sad as I am used to seeing those shells alive in India but then again this is life.

sun and beach

The sun was scorching hot that time and we were not able to keep our eyes open for a selfie but the wind was really cold such a contrasting difference!

As we were still tired from our journey from yesterday so, we didn’t spend too much time roaming. We just took some photos, admired the scene and hopped in the car to the next destination.

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