Dubai Diaries 3 – Al Khaleej Center

Al Khaleej Center, Dubai

Today is Sunday, for most of the people out there this a weekend day but Dubai have Friday and Saturday as weekends! Arvind was excited to roam here and there with us so, he took a day off from his work.

As you know I am not a morning person so we woke up very late and I was feeling very hungry. Although I was planning to order something from Zomato but in Dubai, they take minimum 40 mins to deliver food.

We decided to go out to eat someplace nearby I was in a mood of eating some paratha and Amit wanted to eat from KFC so Arvind took us a nearby mall Al Khaleej Center, Bur Dubai. Arvind’s home is in Bur Dubai and this mall is in walking distance from his home.

In the ground floor of Al Khaleej Center, there is a food court where lots of varieties of food is available. I ordered two parathas from paratha king Sprout paratha and aloo pudina paratha as Arvind told me that he will help me finishing it.

Amit and Arvind ordered one Burger and some fries from Hardees, then they went to the different area to order something from KFC.

Arvind ordering at Hardees

After ordering the food both Hardees and Paratha King gave us a device which vibrates when our food gets ready.
It was kind of thing for us so I was excited about this device. Waiting deviceWhen our food was ready this device was vibrating and some song was also playing. It as nice. Sitting area of Al Khaleej Center is really good and clean but you have to buy drinking water. After coming here I am learning the value of water which we so carelessly waste in India. Anyway, our food has arrived.

Paratha king gives three side dishes like dal, some chola, some fried chillis and yogurt with the paratha. Aloo pudina paratha is really good but I didn’t like sprout paratha that much although sprout paratha is much healthier than aloo one.

Paratha King, Dubai

Amit didn’t like the burger from Hardees that much. Also, check out the combo offer they have on their boards because Amit paid more money without seeing their offers as the staff will not tell you anything about offers.

Hardees burger and fries

Then we decided to go and see some beaches in Dubai as we love beaches a lot and have seen a fair share of them in our life.

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