Dubai Diaries 24 – Good Bye Dubai


Today is the last day of our trip, due to some family situation Arvind headed to his home before our departure. The whole saying goodbye part is very sad for me. I loved Dubai, I saw so many things, meet so many people, it was a great experience but I don’t know whether I will come here again or not. There are just too many places to visit and we don’t know where our fate will take us next!


I liked the local Dubai people and I loved the fact that they give a lot of respect to the Indian people because of there education. I joined two meetups in our whole stay, one was for forex and commodity traders, and another one was for bloggers. I absolutely loved the bloggers meet and learned lots of new things related to forex in another one. It was a nice medium to connect people with a similar mindset in general.

miracle garden

As I am vegetarian so food was a bit problem for me, Although it was easy to find good Indian vegetarian food I wanted to try some local cuisine. Still, 961 LB Dubai creek restaurant is a very good place to eat middle eastern food and I absolutely loved there hummus and bread with olives. I will recommend eating sweets from bikanervala and ice cream from London Dairy. Al Madina WideRange Restaurant was by far the best place to eat Indian food and their parathas are to die for. We also ate nice food buffet in Barbecue nation and it was a great experience.


Weather-wise I think going in winter is good idea cause in summer it becomes too much hot. I absolutely loved the Miracle garden and Burj Khalifa does lives up to its name.

dubai beach

Everything was amazing in this country hopefully I will come here again!


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