Dubai Diaries 21 – Aquarium in Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall Aquarium

As we don’t have many days left in the trip, today we decided to go to Dubai mall for seeing the aquarium. We booked the tickets for Burj Khalifa and Aquarium in a combo, so we are going to use the aquarium ticket today. As I already had a glimpse of the Aquarium from the outside I was excited about this trip.

fish in Dubai mall aquarium

The entrance of the aquarium is from the ground floor, we showed our online ticket confirmation message with the code on the counter and they allowed us to go inside. After security check, we entered into a tube kind of structure and it was beautiful to watch so many beautiful fishes from such a near distance. I show lots of sharks and very colorful fishes. Nemo fish was also there with Dory!

nemo in dubai mall aquarium

Lots of information was there about the decreasing number of sharks because of high gestation time and their hunting for some fin soup, I was very sad about the length human can go for a selfish reason. I read this article about the extinction of shark species due to the shark fin soup which says that

Oftentimes, sharks are captured by illegal fishing vessels, their fins are hacked off and the animals are thrown back into the water where they die because they can’t survive without their fins.

I was very shocked by this revelation, things selfish people do to fill their belly and ignoring the nature. But I was happy that in Dubai they are trying to make people aware of the environmental issues in this way.

fishes in Dubai mall aquarium
Fishes in Dubai mall aquarium

The ground floor of the floor was amazing we saw so many fishes in different shape and sizes. It was very different experience and I loved it. After the ground floor, we decided to go to the first floor. While exiting from the ground floor I saw a forest kind of scene in front of me, it was a cafe named rainforest cafe. Although we didn’t go to the cafe the ambiance was looking very promising.

Rainforest cafe in Dubai mall


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