Dubai Diaries 20 – Global Village

global village dubai

In the middle of the global village, a very nice and beautiful stage is situated. Different type of plays and dance activities are conducted on this stage. Arvind told us that they have some martial arts show which is very good but due to some problem it was canceled today. So we saw some angry bird and pigs play for some before resuming our activity of visiting different countries in the global village!

stage in global village

The exterior of the Rome was very different from other countries and somehow it was very fitting with the description and the gladiator history of Rome.

rome city in global village dubai

global village Dubai

Every country has too many shops and the shopkeepers were doing their best to attract the customers by shouting about their products or handing you some discount coupon for the main stores they have in the main area of Dubai.

shops in global village dubi

home items in global village dubai

When I was passing a shop a nice lady with great talking skills somehow managed to attract me towards her product and talked me into trying it. The products were different variations of butter shops with some herbal items in it which heals and detoxify the body.

body butter shop in global village dubai

I almost purchased their product when Amit told me that his hometown also produces this type of products. So, I thought why to take so much baggage with us! I also saw a porter who was making beautiful vases with the wet soil in front of us. He was also allowing watchers to try it.

pottery in global village Dubai

After walking so much our feet were in pain and we were looking for a place to sit & relax. Then in front of Egypt country, I saw lots of beautiful and luxurious wooden boats. We asked at the counter about the price of renting the boat, he told us 50 AED for the whole round of water canal in the global village. We took the boat and starting the relaxing journey of the canal.

Boat ride in global village Dubai

Our boat was very clean with nice sofa seats, the driver of the boat was a very nice and friendly guy. Everything was looking beautiful from our view from the boat and it really gives us respite from walking for so many hours!

Boat ride in global village Dubai

At last, we came to our country India in the global village. You can see a very small amount of things our country have to offer. So, I got disappointed with that part then again it is impossible to fit the whole diversity of India in such a small place!

India in global village Dubai

We ate some chat there which was very bland in taste but a lot of crowds were there in Indian ice cream(kulfi) section. On the outside, lots of Bollywood songs were playing and I also saw a puppet show.

puppet show in global village dubai

The show was good. As we were too tired to see anything else we decided to head home. On the way, we ate wheat paratha and some vegetable in our favorite place al Madina wide range restaurant.


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