Dubai Diaries 19 – Rides in Global Village

rides in global village dubai

The first you can see from far about this gaming area in the global village, Dubai is this giant free fall ride! It is very high above the ground and I always feel nauseous with all the rotating rides and this free fall thing was making me nervous just by looking at it. Amit was teasing me like anything for being fearful.

Global Village Dubai rides

I once went to this type of free fall and Kolkata, and I still remember the experience! it was thrilling but a hell lot scarier So, I decided to not to go for it here. We just roam around and saw lots of games.

games in global village dubai

After some I decided to play, so we made a card kind of thing which cost around 100 AED. For every game, we have to swipe the card and play it. I won two cute small emoji toys for rotating a wheel kind of game.
games in global village dubai

Then we decided our luck with shooting empty cans in a rectangular box. We got some coupon kind of thing for toppling some cans which can be put in a machine and the points will be transferred to our card then we can redeem these points and take some prizes according to the point. For our total points, we got a pencil!

Near our point transferring machine I saw a couple with a bag full of coupons, I was astonished and kind of doing the mental calculation about how much money they would have to spent to win so many coupons. We stayed there around 30 mins. to check the total number of points they got and it was freaking 76000 points, you can get a nice home theater sound system for 80,000 points. I was very curious about the time and money they have spent on this hobby cause we played around 4 round (25 each) and we got only 15 points. So, Arvind asked them, the guy told him that they are coming here daily for 3 months and they spent too much money! Things people do for love.

gaming area in global village dubai

Then we went on a free fall ride but it was smaller than the big one. It was a great experience. The washrooms are bad in this part of the global village, very dirty!

Gaming area of global village Dubai

Amit ordered one milk ice cream which is made in front of you in mere minutes. After this, we decided to watch other countries in the global village.


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