Dubai Diaries 18 – Global Village

global village

The global village has a different section of a different country, you can see most of the famous countries there. These sections are decorated with the famous things about the place, you can purchase some of their famous food and the decoration articles from there.

turkey global village

The first country we went to was Turkey, the front of section looked like a ship.

food in turkey

I ate this awesome cheese paratha kind of dish, it was too delicious and light! it cost around 25 AED. After eating it my hunger increased so if decided to do a little detour and went to food stall section.

cone pizza in global village

I ordered pizza cone from this place as the name sounded interesting but the taste didn’t match the hype of name. The pizza was bad, if you go to global village don’t bother to try it, it’s not worth it!

After eating I saw lots of beautiful section. A beautiful smell was coming from every section, in some sections, I was able to see their local dance and some music programme was also there for entertainment.


Such a beautiful color combination of saffron with white silk!

Global village dubai

After walking some time and watching this and that, we got bored. So, we decided to check out the rides area! there is a small water canal kind of thing which separate the countries and rides area.

global village water canal


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