Dubai Diaries 16 – Dubai Creek in Morning

dubai creek

Today Indian market was going down like anything, I am not used to seeing so much bloodbath. So, I decided to go to Dubai Creek in morning to enjoy the place and to see how it looks in morning!

One thing which we always forget but should remember about Dubai that it is in the desert so the temperature at 10 a.m was too hot to bear. Fortunately, till now all our walk and roaming activists happen in evening or night but today was an exception.

places to visit in Dubai

In morning, everything was looking more clearer than ever. The village type area of Dubai Creek looked exactly like a village. In many villages, people make houses with the help of soil/sand, buildings in Dubai Creek looked exactly like that. The washrooms in this area also have wooden toilet seats!

Dubai Creek

As we didn’t have the breakfast, we decided to go to the Dubai branch of Bikanervala which opened recently here. There were not many customers were as I was in morning. I am a fan of little bit spicy food and Bikanervala products in India were always able to excite my taste buds I hoped the same thing here.

Bikanervala Dubai

My spicy taste buds were deeply dissatisfied, I ordered some chat. In India, chat is very tasty and spicy dish but in Dubai maybe for consideration for non-spicy people they made it very bland taste. Although it didn’t stop me coming here multiple times and I was glad that I went there again and again.

On the second occasion, I ordered chole bhature and it was very tasty. I added 1-2 drops of lemon juice in chola. I was happy with the taste, their bhature was not oily and very light to eat. Also, don’t forget to taste sweets they are really good. Amit loved their sweets made from cashew and I loved their Indian ice cream Kulfi.

After eating here, we ate some more from London Dairy and took photos here and there before heading for home!


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