Dubai Diaries 15 – on the Top

Dubai at night

We reached the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa via lift. The temperature was very low on this floor as compared to the ground floor. Too many people were there with us.

On 124th floor, first, they have small room from where you can access the washrooms, prayer rooms, stairs for the 125th floor etc. when we come out from this room I saw glass panels instead of walls and I was able to see whole Dubai from this vantage point!

Dubai from 124th floor of Burj Khalifa
Dubai from the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa

It was really cold up there and I was regretting not bringing any warm cloth. Everyone was taking pictures of the scene so too much crowd was there near the glass. But at last, we found a great spot for us. Looking down from up was a scary experience for me, the glass is very strong but it is made in such a way no refraction will interfere with your view and it felt like I am looking down without any wall.

124th floor of Burj khalifa

Dubai is very hot place in summer, so I asked Arvind that Why the people who worked in the construction of Burj Khalifa used glass as hot temperature effect glass negatively? He told us that this glass is manufactured specially for this kind of buildings and since it was difficult to import such a huge size of glass from outside, people made one manufacturing unit in Dubai for this purpose only!

stairs to 125th floor of burj khlifa

Then we decided to head for the 125th floor, we took stairs for this purpose. On the 125th floor, lots of things are there like souvenirs for purchase, some paid VR things are also there, the map of Burj Khalifa and things like that.

We become tired because of standing for such a long time, only 3 chairs are available on the 125th floor so we decided to head to home.

Burj khalifa

After one hour of returning home, I decided to go my favorite place, Dubai Creek! As there are not many days left of our this trip so I decided to eat something from a nice restaurant at the side of Dubai creek called “961 LB”. I ordered hummus from here and Amit ordered Lamb steak.

961LB - Dubai Creek

With hummus they give unlimited bread and olives, Hummus is a nice dish but I didn’t like it in one go. This dish was very addicting and I went to this restaurant a lot in my remaining days at Dubai for eating it. Amit loved their Lamb steak very much, they gave fried mushrooms, some fries and fried tomatoes with this dish. Amit loved their mushrooms too much! In the end, I ordered chocolate pannacotta for dessert.

Panna cotta at 961LB Dubai

Although I didn’t like the desert as it was my first time eating it so I don’t know how it is supposed to taste but I heard a lot about it on MasterChef. They used fresh ingredients for this dish. This restaurant which provides great food at reasonable price with great view and ambiance.



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