Dubai Diaries 14 – Burj Khalifa

Burj khalifa

Yesterday on Sunday we meet some local people in a Dubai blogger meetup, it was a nice experience. Here people are very modern as opposed to common belief about middle eastern countries. I like the traditional dress of local Dubai people very much and I respect the fact that they are upholding there traditional and cultural values. Although I don’t agree with the idea of polygamy as I can’t imagine sharing Amit with someone else, I can’t judge them as till now they are somehow making it successful.

Anyway today after market we decided to go to Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and Burj Khalifa in evening but due to time slot clash we went to burj khalifa only.

Arvind booked both the tickets online at some discount for the combo offer. The entrance for going on the top of Burj Khalifa is from the Dubai Mall. I was very excited as Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the whole wide world!

We booked the ticket for the 125th floor and with one of our ticket free snacks were there. Arvind was very happy with the snacks part, he loves coffee very much but he is a fitness enthusiastic so he takes a very measured quantity of everything he consumes. Although after we came here due to our effect he slacking on fitness part and he is starting to grow a small tummy. Recently Arvind becomes a happy daddy of very cute baby boy who smiles just like his father. Arvind is a very good human being and because of people like him I always look forward to meeting Amit’s friends.Burj khalifaAnyway if you purchase the coupon with the ticket snacks will be available on the ground floor not on the floor you are going. When we reached the Burj Khalifa entrance from Dubai mall, a huge crowd was present there. We have to wait in a very big queue but the experience was worth the wait.

Burj khalifa

In the queue, I saw lots of people from different countries and lot of Indians. I don’t know why but seeing Indian in a foreign country makes me happy inside. After crossing the security checkpoint everything is crowd free. There you will see some staff members who click your pictures and will sell you its photoshopped version with Burj Khalifa in the background for around 100 AED with the frame as a souvenir.

Burj khalifa

After crossing this area a small replica of Burj Kalifa is there and then we took the escalator. Then we entered in a tunnel type of structure at one side of this tunnel small models of Burj Khalifa with different stages of development are there with some information. Then we took the lift. This lift was very smooth and fast, the best lift I have ever used!

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