Dubai Diaries 13 – Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

After seeing Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum, we decided to eat something. I wanted to eat something Indian so Amit started searching for the good restaurants on his mobile. Finally, he found a place name Indian Palace Restaurant. I liked the interior of this restaurant it gives royal kind of vibes. They have excellent food with ample quantity but their price is high. Amit and Arvind both liked their non-vegetarian food. There is one flaw in this otherwise good restaurant, their bathrooms are not up to the standard.

Bathrooms in this restaurant are in very bad condition, they lacked basic hygiene and dustbin was filled to the brim.

Abu Dhabi is not as beautiful as Dubai but every place has its own charm.

Abu Dhabi

Then we went to go to Sheikh Zayed Mosque. This is the largest Mosque in the country. This place has ample parking space and there is division in the entrance gate one for the female and another one for the male. There is a dress code for the mosque. Before entering the Mosque, females have to be covered from the head to toe and for males, their knees and shoulders should be covered.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Don’t worry, they provide hijab for females and clothes for the male in the entrance. They have hijab in 2 colors black and brown with free size. For me, the hijab was too long as I am shorter than average height in India but it was the good experience. I am not a fan of hijab and this was my first experience wearing it.

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is really beautiful and very clean. We saw lots of lavish carpets and big chandeliers, it was oozing richness.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

After seeing Sheikh Zayed Mosque, we decided to head to Dubai. We ate Dinner at Al Madina restaurant in Dubai as it open 24×7!


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