Dubai Diaries 11 – Ferrari world

Ferrari world

Yesterday due to Thursday share market expiry we were not able to go anywhere. Sometimes sitting in front of a computer can make you tired. Today is Friday, In UAE Friday and Saturday are celebrated as holidays as opposed to India where we have holidays on Saturday and Sunday.

Arvind is free for the whole day so, we decided to go to Abu Dhabi. After 10 a.m we started our journey. At one petrol pump, Arvind decided to put petrol in his car and I was shocked after seeing petrol rates there. Petrol is cheaper than water! McDonald’s and a small store was present there. I ate some veg burger and both Amit and Arvind ate some chicken dishes. Then we continued our journey.

In this trip, we were planning to see some famous places of Abu Dhabi like Ferrari World, Museum etc. Normally it takes 2-3 hours by car for reaching Abu Dhabi from Dubai. In our route, I was seeing lots and lots of sand and now it is sinking in our mind that truly we are in dessert. Road safety is must in UAE, they have lots of traffic cam on our route.

Ferrari world

Then again I started feeling hungry and I was not seeing anything except sand in the whole vicinity and in my mind, I started imaging scenarios where I get lost here without food and water. After some time we were able to see a small restaurant and one mosque was also there. There is nothing to brag about that restaurant, chicken dishes except selected burgers were not available there at that time (they serve it after 1 p.m). I ordered fruit salad and some juice, both Amit and Arvind ordered the chicken burger. My fruit salad and juice were bad, I was smelling some soap smell from the juice. I recommend not to eat anything on the route, good quality of food is difficult to find.

Abu Dhabi is bigger than Dubai in size. First, we decided to go to Ferrari world. The weather was too hot that time.

Ferrari world

The Ferrari world is inside of a very high-end mall. The first I noticed when I come near the Ferrari world area is lots of Ferraris. It’s like a museum of Ferrari car models. They were celebrating Chinese happy new year.

Chinese happy new year

There are lots of scary rides in Ferrari world but I don’t like rides because they make my head spin and I feel like vomiting. So, We decided to not to go there and just click some pictures here and there before going to our next destination!

Ferrari world

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