Dubai Diaries 10 – The eve in Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle garden

Arvind was telling us lots of things about Miracle garden. He told us that when he came to Miracle garden last year everything was different! Miracle garden opens only in winter time for 4-5 months. After that, they destroy most of the things and again new design is born from the same place. This thing felt similar to Durga pooja in Kolkata, In Kolkata also every year a new type of pandals are created and it is a must-see site. The airplane design in the center of Miracle garden is world’s largest flower arrangement piece.

The whole time Arvind was telling us the whole thing I was thinking about the hard work and brain spend in order to make Dubai more beautiful, without doubt, Miracle garden is a great tourist attraction.

Dubai Miracle garden

I was amazed to see these little creatures in big size with beautiful flowers on their back.

Dubai Miracle garden

They have given beautiful shapes of Bees, Birds, Tortoise etc. with flowers in this beautiful garden.

Dubai Miracle garden

Yes, this is the biggest teddy I have ever seen in my Life!

Dubai Miracle garden

After some time I started feeling hungry. So, we decided to grab a bite of food in nearby food stalls present in miracle garden. I ordered a middle eastern dish falafel which was served with some yogurt and salad and my Indian taste buds didn’t like it that much Although it was crunchy, As it was kind of bland in taste I would have liked it with some spicy chutney or something like.

After that, I saw lots of different design in different shapes!

In Miracle garden, they also have live jazz music performance and it sounded divine.

Dubai Miracle garden

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