Dubai at first glance

dubai airport
Dubai airport

Due to bad weather, our flight gets delayed by more than 3 hours and because they take money in Dollar currency I and Amit were feeling very hungry! I was somehow spending my time by drinking water(thank god water was free!) and trying to get a glimpse of Dubai from the airplane.

Dubai from airplane
Seeing Dessert with beautiful lines?

In the first view, I saw sand and only sand! after that, my view changed to sand with beautiful designs they were looking beautiful. Dubai is beautiful then I decided!

Dubai Airport is really big, beautiful and expensive! Yes, expensive they have Rolex watches there! First time in life Amit was feeling like a beggar. From my point of view, I am raised in a middle-class family and Amit’s family is way too rich in comparison. So after marriage I kind of stopped looking for this money angle now I see things as they are, not with price or status.  Anyway, I needed to go loo and god that washroom is too good and clean to be true! In India, it is very difficult to get clean washroom except for home or airport but in Indian airport also nothing is this much clean.

When different thing I noticed in Dubai airport is that they have prayer rooms. Then we reached a metro station kind of place. with the metro, we were supposed to go and collect our belongings and do the immigration part.

The second thing I noticed in the airport is People, there were a lot of people from countries and it was fascinating for me. In Dubai airport, the visa checking in immigration was wearing traditional Dubai dress and was suiting them.

Dubai traditional dresses
Dubai traditional dresses

The guy who was checking our visa was very friendly and he smiled at us! then we went to security check then after taking our luggage we were trying to call Arvind. Because we had Indian Sims so call were not going but Dubai Airport has very high-speed Wifi so we called him from WhatsApp.

After calling Arvind we went out of the airport and crossing the road and the car coming in our stopped and waited till we crossed the road, I was shocked because in India the task of crossing the roads is really difficult for me.

We were feeling very hungry so we went to the al Madina wide range restaurant. The first thing I noticed while entering the restaurant is the strong smell of seafood and it was unbearable to me but they had an inner chamber which saved me. The India food in this restaurant is really good and they have lots vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to order from. We ordered coin paratha, normal paratha, wheat paratha, Bhindi vegetable and some chicken dish for Amit. They give some welcome drink(fruit juice) to us, it was good. The service time is moderate but you have to buy drinking water costing around 2-3dhr  which is normal in Dubai. This restaurant is not very costly and they give good food.

After food I was feeling sleepy still we saw Dubai from outside. Because it was night time I was able to see amazing lights ob the buildings.

Dubai at night
Dubai at night

Arvind was happily telling us about the buildings and their history but I was too awe stuck and sleeping to listen to anything. In total, I was happy and looking forward to exploring this amazing city in coming days.

Check next part of my journey here.



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