Dogs – The perfect Chaos


Today was Thursday and as usual, we had a very interesting expiry which left me and Amit very exhausted. The stock market is really not a piece of cake and it is taking too much of mine and Amit’s time, and top of this he just recovered from his month-long sickness. In these kind scenarios, I feel very lucky to have four not so little bundle of joys to play with to reduce my stress. I am happy that I am married to Amit, I love him and I got four fluffy dogs, What more can a girl ask!

Let me introduce Cutu to you

This is Cutu, Yes I know his name is funny but he is my first dog and when he was a baby he looked very cute. It was first I held any puppy in my hand and I was so happy, He was so tiny.

Pomeranian Dog
Relaxing with wonderful Companion

He used to like to sit in the chair and chew this and that but now he is around 3 years old does a lot of mischiefs in the house. He likes to eat a tomato, cucumber, guava, sweet lime and whatever I am eating except chicken (I am vegetarian). He likes to bark a lot whenever someone comes in our home.

Now let me tell you something handy which is useful while raising a cute puppy. So, When Cutu was small, he used to bite, chew or swallow everything on his site.chew toy for doggies Once he ate Amit’s internet cable which made Amit really angry. Normally it is not good for puppies to chew things made of plastic because sometimes they swallow it and then it makes doing potty process really painful them.
It is really necessary to nurture baby puppies carefully. So what I did! I just purchase this great chew toy for him (image in left side) and if you want this amazing gift for your puppy and believe me its worth every penny you spend on it. And after some time he grew out of his chewing phase. But still, whenever we leave him alone he tore whatever is on his site to show is anger. He is afraid of new animals and babies. He listens and obeys Amit’s command. I love him most and of course, he knows it!

Popeye – fluffy doll

This is Popeye, As you can see he is favorite of Amit’s mother. He is named after Popeye the sailor man He is almost 10 years old. He is a father of almost 32 puppies.

Popeye the sailor man
He was born in our house and his mother Maxi was a great companion to me. Popeye is a mix breed of Pomeranian and German Spitz.

Maxi with her babies

As he was born in the home, Amit’s mother has to take a lot of care of his mother and other puppies. She used to give them cerelac along with mother’s milk.
Popeye has fearless personality.

He is very much attached to Amit’s mother. He doesn’t like to eat food or may like the attention but Amit’s mother has to do a lot of hard work so that he can eat food.

He likes to fight.He used to boss Cutu around but nowadays Cutu disobeys and fights him. Popeye likes to protect people and he looks like a doll. Everyone loves him.

Tiger – Biggest and Scariest Person in the house

Yes, Tiger is a person. He commands respect like a human, he has his own mind. He is around 11 years old. He used to have a girlfriend named Silky, after her, he never mated with anyone.

German Shepherd
Tiger trying to find cat

He is very loyal but he has hierarchy system, Amit and his mother are top on his list. He is very scary to everyone and yes he bites. He fears thunder and loud noise of crackers. He and Popeye go into the fight very often. Tiger likes to chase cats. He loves carrot and guava, and always wants extra topping of chicken with his rice.

I admire Tiger a lot. I am ok in his eyes. He likes me because Amit feels Happy with me. Tiger can sense your emotions. He can feel whether we like or not the person in front of us. Because of his biting incidents, he is famous in our hometown and no one dares to steal anything from our house. He loves Amit a lot and they can communicate.

Snowy – Youngest member of house

Snowy is a little ball of energy. She likes to play a lot. Due to her age and energy level, Cutu is her partner. Both of them spends too much time doing this and that. Right now Snowy is Tani’s doggie. Amit gifted me snowy in valentine day. She is around one year old.

Snowy licking me


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