Diwali – Indian festival of lights


Diwali is an important festival for Indian but different regions celebrates it in different forms. Like Bengali don’t celebrate it as Durga Pooja is their most important festival but they celebrate Kali Pooja near the time of Diwali.
DiwaliI am Rajasthani and Diwali is an integral part of life. Before marriage, I have always celebrated this festival with lots of excitement. I used to check for Diwali date as soon as we used to get the calendar in the new year. And it made me too sad to see the lightless Diwali in Bengal.
Before this year I used to fight with Amit that why nobody celebrates Diwali here and his place is a dome place but this year by some inspiration a thought occurred to me, “Maybe Amit and his doesn’t know how to celebrate Diwali as they have never seen it.” and I was right.
So, this time I bought hundreds of Diya made of black soil as my father does at home and lit them in every corner of my home. The end result was beautiful. I like the light from these handmade soil Diya more than the electric light people use in the home to decorate. I just love the smell of these burning Diya and they make me feel at a home.


We have also flown lots of flying laltain and I loved it. It was a new experience for me. Although celebrations were a far cry from what I used to do with my family I think it’s ok as I can slowly make this festival an integral of my future generations. Amit’s father also bought this amazing lighting stand which is in the profile picture of this post. In the end, we ate lots of sweets and some special Rajasthani dishes which I have prepared after searching a lot about their recipes on Youtube.


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