Andaman and Nicobar island (1)

Trip to Andaman and Nicobar island

Andaman and Nicobar island is a very popular holiday destination among Indians due to its untouched natural scenery. I and Amit both love beaches...

Dubai Diaries 24 – Good Bye Dubai

Today is the last day of our trip, due to some family situation Arvind headed to his home before our departure. The whole saying...

Dubai Diaries 23 – Boat Ride

Today was a hell of expiry, I was expecting a huge up move in bank nifty but this is the first time in last...
aquarium in Dubai mall

Dubai Diaries 22 – Dubai Mall Aquarium

The upper floor of Dubai Aquarium mall is very open and bright in comparison to the lower one. One big shark like structure with...
global village dubai

Dubai Diaries 20 – Global Village

In the middle of the global village, a very nice and beautiful stage is situated. Different type of plays and dance activities are conducted...
global village

Dubai Diaries 18 – Global Village

The global village has a different section of a different country, you can see most of the famous countries there. These sections are decorated...
dubai creek

Dubai Diaries 16 – Dubai Creek in Morning

Today Indian market was going down like anything, I am not used to seeing so much bloodbath. So, I decided to go to Dubai...
Burj khalifa

Dubai Diaries 14 – Burj Khalifa

Yesterday on Sunday we meet some local people in a Dubai blogger meetup, it was a nice experience. Here people are very modern as...
Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Dubai Diaries 13 – Sheikh Zayed Mosque

After seeing Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum, we decided to eat something. I wanted to eat something Indian so Amit started searching for the good...
Louvre Museum - Paintings

Dubai Diaries 12 – Louvre Museum

Ferrari World was great but we were planning to see a lot of Abu Dhabi before returning back to Dubai! We returned to parking...
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