Anjuna Beach, Goa


Anjuna Beach is one of the top beaches in Goa. I love Goa! and I am lucky to be born in Indian so that I can visit so many awesome places here anytime I want, without any hassle!

The first time I and Amit went to Goa was to attendĀ a music festival sunburn and it was an unforgettable experience, Although I forget about all the details of that time and it is impossible to relive them now as the location of Sunburn is shifted to Pune and it doesn’t feel same there. This is the main reason for me writing this blog so that I can relive all my experiences again through my writing.

The first time we went to Goa for 4 days in December to celebrate new eve and believe me everything was too costly at that time as Goa is a very popular destination among Indians and non-Indians for parties. The second time we went there is to simply spend some leisure time and explore everything which we missed last time due to enjoying the music festival.

So, on March 2017 Amit decided to surprise me with Goa trip to celebrate our Bengali marriage anniversary and also to stop me from going to my parent’s home to celebrate Holi. On March 11, We took a flight from Kolkata to goa via Hyderabad. I like Hyderabad airport very much.

First, we decided to spend a couple of days in Anjuna. I like walking a lot and in Anjuna, it is really difficult to get a cab or auto although you can rent some motorbike as neither I nor Amit knows how to drive it we decided to explore Anjuna via walking which is exactly what I wanted!

anjuna beach

In my morning or should I say afternoon according to the time we had brunch of really nice pancakes at a place near our hotel and now I regretting forgetting its name. Then we decided to sit near the seashore and just enjoy the cold breeze with sounds of waves. Have a look at the awesome food places in Goa.

anjuna beach goa

After a while, we decided to go to the main attraction area of Anjuna beach and again I made decided to eat something in a restaurant in front of the beach. I decided to eat veg Ceaser salad and have a nice view of the sea.

On the first day, we decided to just and see the adventurous sea activities provided there. I saw people doing parasailing, Banana boat riding etc. and all these were enough to steal my interest. We went to the people who were organizing all these activities and asked about there prices and packages and all. As I was exhausted due to so much walking we decided to do all these on the next day.

In the evening we went to Curlies beach shack in Anjuna. the food was nice there with very loud music. We decided to take a balcony seat which provides a nice sunset view of the sea and overall it was a nice experience.

curlies beach shack

Although people come to Goa for its nightlife and the free flow supply of booze due to my first drinking experience I don’t like alcohol. Curlies beach shack has a nice selection of alcohol and their food is nice. After having dinner we decided to have a long walk along the sea. The thing I like most about Goa is safety, I feel very safe here in the night in compared to many places in India. To check out activities in Anjuna beach, Goa click here.


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